Tuesday, June 10, 2008

CrepeHappy for Flip Happy!

Ever since my Crepe con Nutella experience in Rome I haven't been able to get them off my mind. A good friend came over and made them for us a few weeks ago......he made perfect tasting crepes with a caramel apple filling. They were divine.

A while ago I was told about a Creperie in Austin that made sweet AND savory crepes. Since it was before "the experience" mentioned above I didn't give it too much thought.......Until it was featured on the Food Network tonight! That's right, Bobby Flay's Throwdown came down to Austin to challenge Flip Happy's owners Nessa and Andrea. I was overjoyed! Their savory crepes like the "Cuban" (pulled pork, pickles, gruyere, and tobasco) for example sound so amazing and so delightfully different. And then they of course rock the free world with their sweet crepes as well...........I saw Nutella mentioned more than once on their website :-)

I've been scouring their schedule to see just when they'll be open (they operate out of a airstream trailer), and if it's anything like THIS place....well then I know they'll be excellent! I'll be sure to report back with an honest, and hopefully overjoyed critique!


erin :: the olive notes said...

Oh, I'll be waiting for that report :) Those are such funny pics of you trying to keep the goodness from getting all over you!

Eryn said...

hahaha you have no idea :-)

report coming soon!!!!

Brian Kirk said...

kristin & i pass by their trailer every weekend (as we drive to/from casa da luz for saturday scones (amazing!) & sunday pancakes) & there is line outside. it's the "hippie" austin crowd that we all love that keeps this place so busy. of course now that the food network has been in town i suspect the lines will be longer & the yuppies (you & i) will be crowding this place.

damn, just when we go & cancel cable austin gets aired. are you sure you can't DVD it for me?

Eryn said...

sorry man......i didn't DVR it and I'm pretty positive I can't transfer a DVR'd show to DVD.

I'm sure you can find it online somewhere though, I'll do some research :-)

Alec said...

Your daintiness can't hide what I already know, Nutella fiend.

Pinky up!


Eryn said...

you know me, i'm all about being dainty :-)