Monday, March 31, 2008

A little of this and a little of that!

We had a great past weekend here in the ATX!!! On friday evening, Trevor, a friend from work invited Alex and I over along with another coworker for dinner at his place. I was told beforehand that he had a great apartment but wondered how great it was since it was probably an average apartment, I'd driven past the complex hundreds of times. Upon walking in I notice that there are wood floors throughout his apartment and red accent walls. Apparently he complained enough to upper management and they put the floors in for him. Man, it'd be so awesome if our complex would pay to give us wood!

Anywho, he cooked us an amazing meal of Potato, leak and fennel soup (delicioso), fresh cucumber, cilantro, and lime salad (very refreshing), and Chicken Mango Curry (it was fantastically spicy) and plain amazing. For dessert, Kearney made a homemade apple pie that we drank with our espresso. Overall, a great evening of food, music, crazy cats, and stimulating conversation!

Saturday we got a lot done while running errands in the morning and watched our family friend's kids. As an exchange, the mom, who is our dog's vet gave us six months of free heart worm pills for Saci, wahoo! I love exchanges like that, so economical!

Sunday was great, I slept in 'til felt like it was 10:45 when I got out of bed. I guess that's what happens when you consistently pop out of bed every morning at 7:30am (and when I say "pop" i mean groan, moan, and drag my ass out of bed). After breakfast and a few episodes of "Coupling" we ventured to one of our most favorite areas of Austin, "SoCo," short for South Congress and walked to a restaurant that we'd heard of many times just never tried. It's called HomeSlice and it claims to be the "Queen of Pies" in Austin, which begs the question, who is the "King of Pies" in Austin?!?!?! Anyone, anyone?

The place was great, we could tell it was a fan favorite as it was packed (however we didn't have to wait for a table, which was awesome). It claims to have NY style pizza, my all-time fav! I ordered a slice of margherita while Alex got a slice of pepperoni and pepperoni/mushroom. It all tasted fantastic. Oh and to drink I got a bottle of lemonade made in Austin. It was one of the best lemonades I've ever had and I consider myself to be a connoisseur of the cold, tart American classic! You gotta love it when the ingredients are lemons, mineral water, and sugar cane. Perfetto!

After lunch we walked up and down SoCo and window shopped. We bought a few bars of chocolate from a boutique, Alex got classic white chocolate/vanilla while I got super fancy milk chocolate/coconut curry. I partially got it because the wrapper was so beautiful but I enjoy a good chocolate risk taking event. I'll let you guys know how it turns out.

Then we realized we both had cravings for cupcakes and we were in the perfect spot. Alongside SoCo is an old-fashioned, silver, stream-lined bus that has been parked in the same spot since March 2007 (it's brand new but you wouldn't know it) called "Hey Cupcake." The line was long, great sign! I ordered a Red Velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting while Alex got "The Standard" which was yellow cake with chocolate frosting. And we of course shared a carton of ice cold milk with it. SOOOO YUM!

The day ended with a long jog in a local park with Saci and a great meal of roasted veggies over pasta! Un Buon Weekend :-)


Brian Kirk said...

i am happy to see you & alex having a great time in our wonderful city. good eats are such an important component of any good city. i think austin has plenty to offer in the way of good eats. would you say that home slice is so far the best pizza that you guys have had in austin?

Eryn said...

um yeah, i'd say it was the best i've had. i rarely meet a slice i don't like though.

alex says rome's pizza (a small chain started in san antonio) is his fav.

Brian Kirk said...

you guys still have frank & angies to try :)

Brian Kirk said...

the best pizza in my opinion is the rosedale pizza made by yours truly!

Eryn said...

yes we still must hit up frank & angies.

and i'm sure the rosedale pizza rocks...plenty healthy too :-)