Saturday, April 5, 2008

Thai Food Cooking Class!

This past Thursday evening Alex surprised me with a Thai Cooking Class. I was very very excited! We both drool over Thai food and try to try as many Thai food restaurants in Austin as possible. I've never tried cooking it, I guess I was a little overwhelmed by the exotic ingredients involved and the cooking techniques.

The cooking class started at 6pm in South Austin at the instructor's house. When I learned it was at her house I felt that the evening could be a little awkward/strange or very intimate and rewarding. Jam, was our instructor's name and she's originally from Thailand and was completely welcoming of complete strangers into her home. There were five of us in all in the class and everyone was all very interested in learning all the correct names of the ingredients and how to prepare the amazing dishes!

On the menu was Coconut Soup with Chicken, Panang Curry, Pad Thai, and Sticky Rice with Mango. It was all so delicious and I was happy to be eating such fresh and vibrant ingredients such as galangal, lemongrass, banana blossoms, coconut milk, Thai basil, bean sprouts, and palm sugar (just a few of the unique ingredients I don't normally or EVER cook with! My personal favs of the night were definitely the Panang Curry and the Sticky Rice with Mango! I'll definitely refer to the recipes we left with and try to make at least those two! We were all offered a chance to help out with the cooking and I was able to make 4 of the 8 servings of Pad Thai in Jam's enormous wok!

Unfortunately, my camera was out of battery power so I wasn't able to take any pictures. However, I was able to grab a few beautiful pictures from Jam's personal blog! Also, Jam is becoming a small business owner as her and her husband are opening a Thai grocery store that provides cooking classes and pre-made meals, appropriately named Thai Fresh!

We can't wait 'til it opens so we can go down there to get the fresh ingredients for these wonderful recipes!


Alec said...

I never tried Thai cooking because the list of ingredients always seemed so intimidating, but I'm glad you got some inspiration!

Happy Birthday, ragazza!

Norris Hall said...

Hi. Try this Thai cooking video website
It's got about 30 recipes each one with a cooking video to go along

erin said...

We love Thai food...but havn't had any in Italy. There is a great Indian place here in Fiesole that's good though! I bet it's fun to learn how to do.

Eryn said...

twin: yes the ingredients are very intimidating. you have to have access to an asian supermarket pretty much!

norris: thanks for the link, we'll definitely use that when we go to cook other thai recipes

Eryn said...

erin: mmmmmm, indian food. i may even love that even more than thai :-)

Brian Kirk said...

i bet you can't wait to make these foods for some really cool dinner guests who also enjoy thai food :)

Eryn said...

bk: true.......we just can't wait :-) however, we'd have to find a substitute for a few of the ingredients that aren't your friends (i.e. coconut milk)

Brian Kirk said...

lite coconut milk :)