Thursday, June 12, 2008

"Hey, I put some new shoes on..."

...and suddenly everything's right!" I'm a dork but I couldn't help but announce to the blogosphere that I just purchased what are going down in history as the cutest shoes ever. Or at least for this week! After stuffing myself with delicious Greek food for lunch I took a walk in retail heaven to attempt to walk off some of the spanakopita and hummus.

And into DSW Shoe Warehouse I walked, promising myself along the way that I was just there to happily browse and try on every pair of shoes that I deemed too cute not to. I'm blessed with a size 7 foot and therefore can usually always fit my foot into the display size.......convenient, fun, and very dangerous!

I was almost done browsing the many many aisles when a pair struck me and as soon as I stuck my foot in the appropriate size I fell in shoe love. They were beautiful and quirky and fit oh so well. Dang they were comfy! Right then and there I decided I was leaving......with the shoes. I even decided to wear them out and as I turned the first corner a sassy older woman said, "work it girl!"

How perfect........I'm still coming down from my shoe high, please forgive me! And for what it's worth I know Carrie would approve!


erin :: the olive notes said...

Lovely! These look like a pair I just bought on Tuesday! :) (except mine have a black background instead of white). I may even have to post a pic when I wear them for the wedding I'm going to in a couple of weeks.
work it!

Cherrye said...

Ah! You and ERIN both have these shoes ... They are precious! I knew I would like your blog when I clicked on it and found a pair of shoes!

They remind me of a pair I found a couple of years ago. It was love at first site, but we have maintained the romance!

Eryn said...

erin: i would imagine that we would share the same taste in shoe styles :-)

Cherrye: ciao fellow texan :-) glad you like the blog. I love your witty writing style!

I hope me and this pair of shoes keep the romance going as well. I think we'll have a long and blister free life together!

Alec said...

One day, PL, you and I will go shoe shopping in Valencia... that has to be the Spanish capital of shoe stores. Rachel and I must have seen about 4,987 shoe stores (and an equal number of bridal stores, oddly enough) while we were there.

In short, let's get some shoes.