Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day

For the past two years Alex and I have been celebrating the big VDay on February 13th...basically it allows us to get reservations at whichever restaurant we want and we get to avoid some of the crowds.

This year I chose Vespaio, an Italian (of course) eatery on South Congress. We'd heard great tales of this magical place for so long :-) and had to give it a try for ourselves. The reservation was for 6:30...we left at 6 and didn't take into account that "Yes, there will be lots and lots of traffice!" Ugh, it goes without being said that we were late.......half an hour late and they had just crossed our names off the list as we walked through the doors and acted as if it couldn't be undone. I mean, c'mon....what's the difference........"Would you please UN-cross it off the list."

Whatever, we had to wait an extra hour because of this and were finally seated around 7:45 (hmph)! In the meantime we strolled around shops on SoCo. We started our meal off with an appetizer plate of salami, house cured olives, mozzarella, arugula salad, and foccaccia. The plate was great and the flavors (esp. those of the salami) brought us both RIGHT BACK!

For the main course I ordered ricotta/spinach ravioli while Alex had the Bolognese Lasagna. Since this place is known for being super-authentic we were both a little surprised by the mountain of mozzarella melted over each plate. I practically had to break out the excavating tools to find my ravioli. Both dishes were good......we just expected a teensy bit better!

And for dolci I ordered the chocolate creme brulee which was reminiscent of really thick chocolate pudding. We both had leftovers boxed up and we left for home. However, halfway home I realized we left our boxed leftovers on the table......argh, so frustrating!

We're glad we tried on to the next :-)

For the "real" Vday we played it low key at the casa and made "Love Tacos" and watched Lost, which by the way blew my socks off.........I now have 5,395 new questions and 22 answers. Gah, it's just soooo good!


Brian Kirk said...

you've adopted my fascination with taking pics of my food - it's addicting isn't it? love tacos, sound pretty good... kristin & i made love pizza with one of the best bottles of pinot noir we've ever had. wine & pizza - a winning combination in my opinion.

Bones said...

Happy Valentine's Day Alex!

erin said...

that's a good idea about the 13th :) Glad you ended up having a good meal