Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I've been slacking...

...with the whole blog thing lately! A good deal is happening and I feel like I have a lot to talk about but I'm just not putting in the time. I've actually had a mental list going for a good while, of things I need to "blog" down.

So here goes. I've been really interested and drawn to the Presidential election lately. I'm so ready to care about who's in the White House. I keep on telling people that I get chills even thinking about the possibility of having Obama in there. It's been eight years of me not caring about our leader and even feeling as if I don't have one because....c'mon, I just don't look to the guy for hope or change. Also, I'm not opposed horribly to having Hillary in the White House, I just really think our country needs some dang CHANGE. My entire life there has either been a Bush or Clinton in the White House......really???? yes, it's true, enough already!

So in order to make sure that I'm practicing what I preach I went yesterday and cast
ed my vote in my first Primary ever! It felt good, very grown up, and a little too simple. I wanted some type of siren to sound......or at least an "I Voted" sticker (which were nowhere to be seen...whatever). Alex on the other hand casted his vote today and as you can see.....he got a sticker!

Also on the news front. My wedding dress came in took 8 weeks. And there
 was no special alterations of anything being made, just off the shelf. Oh well, besides some material being taken WAY IN on the top I think it looks great. I stood on the little "bride-to-be" pedestal they have at those bridal shops during my lunch break and gave it the once over "once" more.

And to continue with wedding business....Alex, my mom, dad, and me leave for Houston tomorrow after work to pick up our Atto Nottorio at the Italian Consulate on Friday. I emailed the Consulate today to remind them that we'll be there soon and they assured me that the document has already been prepared, we just have to show up for formality's sake and our witnesses have to declare that we're "fit to marry."

For the night of the wedding we have a restaurant reserved for 15 guests that sits atop Piazzale della Michelangelo (kind of tucked away from tourists) called La Terrazza del Principe. Helga, our wedding
 coordinator highly recommends it and our menu for the evening goes as follows:

aperitif in the 
garden followed by Tuscan appetizers, then potato gnocchi with zucchini flowers (always wanted to try those), rigatoni with eggplant and ricotta cheese, then grilled beef arugula 
and parmesan cheese, mixed salad, fresh fruit cake, and served with Chianti "Frescobaldi", coffee, and limoncello!

Sounds YUM, can't wait :-)


Alec said...

Ohhhh man, I can't wait for that dinner, you have no idea... or maybe you do. ;)

Eryn said...

oh i do know........i can't wait either :-)