Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Long Weekend in Houston

Alex and I both took this past Friday off so we (including my mom and dad) could make a trip to Houston to pick up the last piece of paperwork needed here in the U.S. for our marriage in Italy. We drove the 3 hours down to Houston Thursday evening, forcing us to DVR Lost and the Democratic Debate which was in Austin. (we've been back for three hours and still have to watch both......ahhhh I need to catch up)!!!

Anywho, Friday morning we all woke up pretty early and drove to downtown Houston from my dad's apartment for our appointment at the Italian Consulate. I was a little I always get when visiting that consulate but luckily there was no reason for it. Everything went without a hitch and the lovely Daniele Ansaldo had the document waiting for us and we just had to show him documentation, have my parents declare that we were "fit" to marry, and paid the $20.95. And we were done! YAY. Horray!

We then decided to show Alex around downtown Houston and 
some of the surrounding "almost like Austin" areas. We hit up the galleria for some window shopping, went to a really nice garden-esque restaurant my dad picked out, and then went to a modern art museum in a very beautiful section of Houston I'd never seen before. It was nice to see the city's nice parts. I've never been a fan of the place and it's because we usually are in sections I don't like. As Alex says, "you can't judge a city based off its crap!" So True :-)
Saturday we took an hour trip down to the Texas coast.....Galveston to be more exact and walked around the touristy downtown area 
and then took Saci to the beach for the first time. She LOVED it. It was the perfect warmer than 72 degrees and sunny skies. There were others out on the beach enjoying the day and Saci ran around likely a crazy puppy :-) She definitely felt freedom as she reached top running speeds and splashed around in the surf. Later than night we went out for some Mexican and then saw "Defnitely, Maybe." It was cute...Alex and I both love Ryan Reynolds, especially how he consistently delivers his lines.
We drove back today mid morning and are glad to be back and in our own enviro
nments. Home is so awesome! Tonight we're gonna go see "Be Kind Rewind" at the Drafthouse and hopefully at least watch LOST!


Alec said...

I'm glad things worked out so smoothly - finally!

And I wasn't able to see "Be Kind" this weekend - let me know if it's worth the coin, yo!

Eryn said...


we saw it last night and were so entertained. the movie is so creative! loved it!

go see it yo!