Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sam's coming!

My good friend from college....Samantha is coming today for my bridal shower my cousins are throwing for me on Saturday. Sam will leave on Sunday. I'm thrilled because it's almost never that we get out-of-town visitors and it's always fun to show people around.

Tomorrow Alex and I both have the day off.....I think we'll start off with brunch at South Congress Cafe and then just go from there! I wish the weather were a smidge warmer so we could do something involving water and bathing suits. But summer will be here soon enough in which case I'll be wishing the triple digits away!

In other news, I was flabbergasted (yes flabbergasted) yesterday when I learned that my dear friend Alec had never tried a corn all her 23 years!!! The news made both Alex and I sad because of how much we adore said dogs. When I was young I'd always turn my snotty nose up to the prized breaded weiner on a wasn't until late that I've truly started to LOVE them. It's just one of those weird don't know why it is you feel so strongly about something. Even the last time I was at a fancy seafood restaurant I was bold enough to try the lobster corn dog with a mango ketchup.....they were fantastic by the way :-) And I'm going to throw it out there that mustard is the only acceptable condiment for corn dogs.....well that and mango ketchup! Anywho, I'm sorry for the digressing of sorts but if you'd like some corn dog history go here.

I've been watching a lot of the political debates lately....I'm starting to get a little bored of it...almost! I still have Obama's back and look up to him more and more with each day's passing. Hillary on the other end is starting to lose a lot of credibility though! Well at least in my eyes, hearing her speak now is like nails on a chalkboard. I used to have nothing against her and was all for ya know....a woman presidente! Now I can't get over how calculated and self-righteous she is. I pray that Obama's winning streak doesn't dry up soon and know that if he's nominated as the Democratic candidate that it'll be our best shot against McCain (aka. Grandpa McGee)! I know I know.......ageism :-)

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Alec said...

If only they had that delicacy in Italia, then we could partake in it together... as Bufas. I guess an El Taco taco will have to suffice.

McCain is SO old. We don't need another Reagan. One Reagan was too many Reagans.

And have fun with Sam this weekend! I wish you watched "How I Met Your Mother" cause then I would TOTALLY reference the bridal shower episode... it's pretty much what your life is going to be Saturday.