Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Bridal Shower.......for me?!?!

I had a bridal shower thrown for me this past Saturday. I had known about it for almost a month. My cousins and aunt from Dallas and my mom threw it for me.....along with the help of my friend Sam and a neighbor from down the street. The food was great and I was able to see a lot of people I hadn't seen in so long!

My cousins and myself

The wonderful Italian spread (of course!) There was a two-tiered Italian Cream Cake my cousin Jess made in the background

There was a toilet paper gown competition (I got to judge)

I opened lots of great gifts.....including panties and lingerie (EEEEEE!!!)

I'm not used to being the center of attention so opening a mountain of gifts in front of 30 some people was a little awkward....other than that everything was fine and dandy :-)


erin said...

i LOVE the photo of you and your cousins. You look like you're glowing. (and I can't see much...but your shirt looks really cute).

It is a little strange having all those people watch you open gifts...but also lots of fun! Congrats, it's getting closer...

Eryn said...

thanks, i got the shirt from :-)

thanks for the well wishes, I know I can't believe that the wedding and ITALY for that matter is right around the corner!!!!

bleeding espresso said...

How fun! Looks like such a great (and delicious) time :)

Alec said...

I love how in the last photo you have the same face that you would if you were holding up a new knit sweater on Christmas morning.

"Grandma made it!"

Jeremy said...

Whoa... time to stop reading your blog.