Thursday, February 14, 2008

New Camera Fun!

It's been awhile since my last post. A good amount has happened I just haven't allotted the time to sit down and actually post. Anyway, here I am :-)

Last weekend I went ahead and made a big purchase I'd been considering for the past few months. I had been wanting a new digital camera for our upcoming trip to Italia. The last time I purchased a digital camera was in '04 before my first trip to Italy and although the camera is could be a whole lot better. My old one was a run of the mill Olympus "point-and-click." However, the camera had this crazy delay when the "take a freakin' picture" button was pressed and I would miss so many great photo opportunities due to it. Don't even mention the fact that I was embarrassed to ask other people to take pictures either of me or Alex and myself because it would take so long to take a picture that they'd think they were doing something wrong. "No, no, it's just my sucks!"

So this past Saturday, off to Circuit City we went. I knew exactly which one I wanted since I'd been eyeing it for a few months and we knew it was on sale for $30 less than normal price :-) It's a Sony CyberShot and has a really nice zoom. I still need to sit down and actually take the time to experiment with its capabilities but I've been able to take some really nice pics so far!

That same day we met friends Brian, Kris, Eduardo, and Jennifer for dinner at Gueros. Now we went to Gueros 3 weeks prior and were pretty should have been a huge sign saying, "Don't GO BACK!!!!" but of course, we did and gave it a second shot it didn't deserve! My plate, The Oaxaca Especial featured a taco (with filling of your choice), a quesadilla (no description offered), and of course rice and beans. I was baffled when my plate came out and I didn't see the expected quesadilla with grill marks and all........"Where's my quesadilla?" I asked Alex. He then pointed at a sad "taco-like" looking thing on the side of the plate (no grill marks) and cheddar melted in the middle. Um WHAT?!?!?!?! That's a snack I learned to make for myself in the 1st grade! I didn't enjoy payig $9.50 for it. And on top of all that our waitress turned out to be a huge B@%&%! I literally was afraid of her, I kinda had the gut feeling that she was going to punch me in the face each time she came to the table...I'm sure her tip clued her in a bit that we weren't pleased!

But anywho, pics I took with my new camera that night of South Congress and shops we walked around before dinner are attached! A little disclaimer, apparently one of my flash settings has the potential to blind you can see!


Brian Kirk said...

kristin & i were actually quite disappointed with the food & service that night also. maybe it's something about a busy saturday night when quality in food & service go to shit there. anyhow, thanks for giving it a 2nd chance i know it was mostly me pushing for gueros. also, can you make your next post with a more flattering picture of kristin & i. i look like one of those slow motion replays of the kennedy assassination.

Eryn said...

HAHAHAHA, i just laughed out loud at your Kennedy assassination reference (even though that is NO laughing matter)

and yes, i promise the next pic of you and kris will be molto flattering.

no worried about the gueros thing. we weren't upset about it, just disappointed in the establishment itself.

we went to vespaio last night, read the post coming soon to see how it went :-)

Alec said...

"Here's your cheesy tortilla!! GRAAHHHHH!" *PUNCH*

Sounds awesome. Had something actually gone wrong, my Eryn senses would be tingling and I'd be there faster than Superman...

or Spiderman? ...Spiderman?