Friday, February 8, 2008

Beautiful, Sunny, sUnNY day :-)

To all of you out there experiencing the normal frigid temps winter brings along......I'm sorry! Austin, Texas really delivered today and made me remember all over again why I love living here. We always experience broad temperature spreads's how we do it :-) This morning I started off the day in the sunshine (per usual) but with a long sleeved tee, sweat pants, and a jacket when I took Saci out for her morning "business" run. Fast forward to 12:15ish (my lunch break) and it was no cooler than 82.....I was near sweating in my jean jacket. But that was fine by me. Once we got home I slipped on shorts and a tank top and lounged by the pool (even though it was freezing) and then went on a long job with Alex and the dog.

Love it! This weekend is supposed to be just as lovely *sigh

And on the wedding front Alex and I have all the paperwork in order for us to retrieve our Atto Nottorio from the Italian Consulate in Houston. Basically it's a document allowing us to get married in Florence in a timely manner! I called Daniele Ansaldo at the consulate the other day and set up our appointment for February 22nd! I love how they answer the phone in Italian and it gives me the opportunity to say, "Buongiorno! Parla Inglese?"



Brian Kirk said...

bill withers - lovely day, lovely day!

Alec said...

When I tugged on Mika's leash to get him to hurry up with his business this morning, he looked at me with such unconcealed contempt. I forgot that waiting for him was better than doing what he had to do, under those conditions. And those conditions are cold.

So I'm jeal. Obvi.