Monday, February 4, 2008

New Restaurant Review!

So are Alex and I considered "foodies?" I've heard the term "foody" thrown around a bit and I think it may be a good term for both of us. Ya know, those who appreciate good cuisine and seek it out!

Anyway, this past Friday evening Alex and I did our usual date night and tried out Bess Bistro. The owner is none other than Sandra Bullock, one of Austin's more famous inhabitants. If you don't know where the restaurant is exactly off of Sixth Street you'll miss it for sure. It has an unassuming awning and steps that lead eaters and other local "foodies" down into the basement of the above building. The lighting is very low and sets a very relaxing, low key mood.

The cuisine could best be described as Classic American Comfort Food meets French Bistro. We tried their Macaroni and Cheese Gratin which was insanely rich and delicious for the first 4-5 bites but then became a little overwhelming. Alex ordered the Friday special which was the Fish and Chips while I went a wee bit more sophisticated and ordered the Porcini encrusted Halibut which couldn't have been more disappointing. I chose that item on the menu because it seemed exciting and interesting. It turned out to be boring and bland...ugh hate when that happens!

We decided to forego dessert and paid the bill (which was a bit more than we'd prefer to have paid for the food quality we received.)

Maybe we didn't order the right things, unfortunately, we probably won't be back to find out :-(

On a more positive note, Alex's coworker was taking pictures of honeycomb for a project they're working on and Alex was able to bring it home with him for me to try. Has anyone out there ever tried real, fresh honeycomb? I hadn't until today and it was amazing, it was instantly satisfying and I love the texture. It's strange to eat the "comb" but they melt in your mouth! Unfortunately I caught a peek at the price tag of about $9 for a very small amount. I better enjoy what's left while it lasts!


Bones said...

...and did you know if you eat local honey on a regular basis, it will help alleviate some allergy symptoms? I don't know if that is really true or not but hey, worth a shot!

erin said...

too bad the dinner wasn't as good as you hoped. Chris really likes fresh honeycomb. It is weird though putting it in your mouth for the first time!

Alec said...

That's unfortunate. Sandy B - for shame!

You should try my mom's mac and cheese made with goat cheese. It's like Swiss mac and cheese, in that it's God's Mac and Cheese... which is odd since it's made in a house of atheists... but who am I to quibble with the idyllic Swiss?

Eryn said...

boss: i did not know that....maybe i'll hit up the local honey come the end of March

erin: i was a bit skeptical at first putting a waxy honeycomb into my mouth.....but i turned out to be pleasantly surprised :-)

alec: next time i'm in the land of the Barnes I shall request Mama Barnes's mac and cheese!