Thursday, January 17, 2008

Package of Delight

Two nights ago I received a long awaited package from my Maid of Honor (or BW-Best Woman as we call it) Alec. I knew the package had been sent but didn't know it would be so quick. Thanks for sending it priority BW!

I got the package slip in my mailbox and raced to the apartment office to pick it up. The package was HUGE......excitement levels rise! Because I was on my way to work out I carried it to the gym attached to the office and opened it amongst two other people that were on the treadmills and who look over with jealous eyes.

The contents of the package blew away all expectations and I am now deeming it, "best package ever!"

Alright, back to normalcy....I just had to gush a little. And flaunt my appreciate one more time.

Also two nights ago was a news report that was so stereotypical Texan that I had to write a post about it. Apparently a bull made its way into a NW Austin neighborhood (we were in the same neighborhood for a housewarming party just weeks ago) and ran around resident's yards anxiously trying to find its way back. I feel for the bull in this scenario, seriously how traumatized it must have been with news cameras, police, and onlookers chasing it around. Anyway, the bull was taken into captivity and no one was harmed. He's sure to wind up in someone's hamburger shortly.


erin said...

what was in it?!?!

Eryn said...

erin: a silver vespa charm necklace (i have a thing for colorful vespas)

a fleur di lys printmaking print that she made and framed beautifully

and a toy for Saci

--I'll have to take a pic of the fleur di lys and post it later!

Alec said...

Yeaaaaah shout out

Fact: that box originally was used to contain a pair of riding boots. (So chic!)

And of course, I'm thrilled that you like it so much and that my instincts were right on! It's the twindom, I just know it...

Eryn said...

yeah i def took notice to the box. but did not know they were for riding boots. i enjoyed the lime logo wallpaper on the inside of the box.

ok, enough about boxes! sheesh