Friday, January 18, 2008

I've finally narrowed it down!

My latest discovery I think categorizes me of somewhat of a grown-up....well I think so at least! I've finally figured what my favorite type of wine is. The one that I always go back to and never lets me down. I know I usually love all that is Italian, but Rieslings are primarily German, sometimes French or Austrian.....and sometimes northern Italian.

At restaurants, dinner parties, and when I'm simply buying wine to have around the apartment I consistently am drawn to this wine's fruity yet sophisticated taste. If you haven't given this type of wine a shot, definitely DO :-) I recommend pairing it with mild fruits (such as pears, apples, or strawberries), cheese (such has pecorino, parmesan, or gorgonzola drizzled with honey) and pastas with white sauces, and of course white fish.

Alright, enough with the Food Network jargon.

I'm looking forward to this weekend, but because of the gloomy/craptastic weather outside the window it's hard to be enthusiastic. It's just so cold and rainy, bleh. I was telling Alex the other night how I long for 70s and 80s again and he warned me not to worry because we'll soon enough have about 9 months worth of that as well as triple digits come summer. So I guess I'll wait patiently!

Because Alex and I (me especially) like to make things difficult for ourselves we fell in LOVE hard with a certain place setting that will soon be discontinued. Of course! They're from Crate & Barrel, and as we're registered for them we're thinking that we may just go ahead and buy a set of 4 place settings ourselves to ensure that we get our hands on them. That will allow family/friends to get us the remaining set of 4 place settings so in the end we'll have 8. Fingers crossed!


erin said...

Rieslings used to be my favorite...but now since we moved to Italy, the dry reds are taking over! But my favorite white is still riesling.

Love your new blog name :)

Eryn said...

e: i remember when i was there i used to be served really amazing reds in restaurants but whenever i would go out myself to buy them i'd fail miserably!

thanks for the compliment, i'm still trying the name on for size, may change it again....who knows!

Alec said...

Nice dining set there -- very you and A-Town. So chic! So scene!

I have changed the link in my blog to reflect your blog's new title... yeaaaah. I was all over that. If you change it again, I'll be all over that, too.

"My PL senses are tingling! To blogger!"

And I realized that out of white wines, Rieslings are my fave (though I've tried very few). But I am, of course, a sucker for a nice Italian red. We'll have to sample some in our adopted homeland (aka SGMville.)

Jeremy said...

I think no matter what you end up picking for a place setting it inevitably gets discontinued. I think the one Nicole and I picked got discontinued 6 months after we got married.