Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Don't Worry, Be Happy.......right?

Basically today I found out that I wasted almost two weeks of precious paperwork processing time and a good deal of money for nothing. I sent a document to an office that we were told to by two individuals and the office sent it back saying it was the WRONG office. When we call the office they "say" we're supposed to send it to we get an obnoxiously long voice recording that never has a living, breathing human to answer questions, only a recording that doesn't answer my question because it's too particular.

Tonight Alex was my rock and called a lot of individuals in D.C. that were obviously trained by monkeys and really didn't get far at all with them. Although I did enjoy listening to him tell a lady that she was useless over the phone. Anywho, I can tell that this next week will be filled with a lot more senseless phone calls and moments where I want to pull out my hair because no one has answers for me.

Because Alex was born in the U.S. this part of the paperwork process was cake for him but soooo hard for me because I was born overseas. I remember hurdles similar to these when I was preparing to study abroad in Florence in '04. Where I had to overcome a heap of extra paperwork and roadblocks because I was an out of state student wanting to study abroad.

In any case, I'm sure it'll all work out, I'm just hoping for the crappy part to be over soon and hoping for answers this next week. For now, I'm truly appreciative of all Alex has been doing to help me with this......apparently I need to become more persistent and demand answers, rather than just taking it.

Alright, enough of that.....peh*

(that's me spitting)

This past weekend our family cheered on the Giants as they actually won the NFC Championships. Watching the game was brutal as it was in Greenbay and the game temperature was -4 by the end with a windchill of -24. WHAT?!?! And what kills me is watching the majority of the Packers and a good number of the Giants not even wearing long sleeve shirts under their jerseys! How does that work? I don't understand how they don't literally freeze to death, I realize that they're being active and that helps keep them warm, but still. I muscles can hardly function in anything under 50 degrees. hmmm, don't get it!

However, GO GIANTS....we were sooo souped that they won, considering that my dad is the biggest Giants fan this side of the Mississippi. Watching the game with him was like watching it with a child having temper tantrums, it was very....entertaining.

Looking forward to the Superbowl in the next few weeks, hopefully the Giants will be able to edge out the Patriots (sorry Barnesy), despite their perfect record this season.


Alec said...

Ohhhhh you watch out for Mr. Tom Brady... he'll mesmerize the Giants with his baby blues... and his AWESOME.

ps i love you. (NOT the movie... but definitely the phrase.)

Eryn said...

Brady is def the hotter of the two QBs, i'll give you that!

p.s. i can't stop staring and playing with those dishes i bought yesterday.

atown is making me put them away and not use them until we have the full set and after the wedding.....makes sense i guess.

Alec said...

Hahaha - it's waaaay too easy to picture you playing with those dishes and laying them out... having a tea party with Saci. You know.

Eryn said...

awww a tea party with Saci.....sounds like something that I would do. I would have to dress her up and all first though!

and invite Mika over to crash it!