Monday, January 14, 2008

The dress is GO!

This past Friday my mom and I ventured over to Alfred Angelo's bridal store on my lunch break in hopes to put an end to the dress shopping. Fortunately, we found that the sales people there were a lot less pushy at this shop than at David's Bridal and I was able to take my time in each dress and wasn't hounded by store clerks with fake, superficial comments like, "Oh, you look gorgeous" or "that dress was made for you!" type comments. We soon after decided on the second dress I tried and decided to call it a day. *sorry can't give any dress details as Alex reads this blog. If you're interested let me know and I'll send you a pic of the dress.

I'm relieved, as is my mom, to check that "To Do" item off the list.

On Saturday Alex and I went out to eat and to an Austin Toro's basketball game at the Austin Convention Center with our neighbors. For dinner we went to Guero's, an Austin original known for their affordable happy hour prices, margaritas, and live music. Since it was chilly we sat indoors even though a band was playing outside. Alex and I both had their No.1 combination plate that featured, chips, queso, guacamole, a beef tamale, the El Pastor taco, your choice of enchilada, rice and beans. It was a lot of food.....and while it was definitely didn't meet our expectations. I feel that it's more of a touristy eatery rather than a local favorite. I dunno.....maybe it was just us, but I've heard similar reactions from other Austinites. I still stand firm with Chuy's and Matt's El Rancho as favorites while Alex prefers Trudy's.


Alec said...

I was like, "oh I already know about the dress" (and I didn't see anything about "Cha Cha"), so I admit, I was skimming your post... until I saw the word "guacamole", and my attention was totally ON.

So, keep that trick in mind - if you ever need my full attention, the magic word is "guacalmole."

But is that place you went to the one that Clinton loves and people practically throw their mothers in the street for? Sounds a little disappointing... there's a place like that in the NOrth End of Boston (i.e. the Italian section) called "Mike's Pastry" and the line's always out the door... but it's really nooooot that good. Weird how that happens.

Eryn said...

did alex tell you that Guero's is Clinton's fav place to eat in AUstin. or are you just that up on your pop culture knowledge.

yes it was the place that bill loves and eats at all the time. and yes, it gets quite crowded. i'm hoping it's for their margaritas, tamales, and live music and not for their drab food.


Alec said...

I heard that it was Clinton's fave place and the Town confirmed my suspicions.

Can we please go for margaritas and guacamole?