Thursday, January 10, 2008

Alex's Pasta Faux Pas

This is what happened when Alex tried to be helpful tonight. I couldn't help but explode in hysterics.


Alec said...

Hahahahaha... Ohhhhh Town... That's a "pasta spillage" that goes beyond calling Saci over. It's like a very boring game of pick-up sticks.

And I love that it got its own special blog post tag. Let's hope there isn't another occasion to use it.

Eryn said...

i knew you'd appreciate this!

Bones said...

Eryn, you are a person that loves Italian food more than anyone I know...I think the real "Faux Pas" is in the fact that you are using a true Americam brand...Skinner pasta. :-P

Jessica_in_Rome said...

That always happens to me!!! I share in the pain :)

Eryn said...

bones, aka "oak notes" the skinner pasta is the brand of the Egg Noodles we far as I know that's the only brand of Egg Noodles that HEB carries.

however, I should have edited that crap out of the pic before i took it :-)

Jessica: yeah hate it....we've been crunching on broken pieces of pasta for a few days now.