Wednesday, January 2, 2008


To ring in the New Year we decided to go low key and spend a quiet evening with friends Brian and Kris. I work with Brian and Kris is his girlfriend. The four of us first met at their place in Central Austin where we met their new puppy Payton (a Rhodesian Ridgeback). He was super cute and very sleepy! Then we set off for our dinner plans at Vin Bistro, a small, cozy restaurant that boasts its wine list and American Bistro style cuisine. Both couples split their own crab/shrimp cakes (which rocked), ordered a few glasses of German Reisling (my fav wine) and entrees. Alex, Kris and I all had the Sea Bass which was good yet nothing special while Brian ordered the Tuna. Despite the pretentious, unspecial food (I hear their regular menu is much better) we were surrounded with great company and a relaxing ambiance. At the strike of midnight the restaurant passed around glasses of free champagne, hats, and noisemakers. We had fun, we'll have to follow suit next year as I desired nothing more for the evening.

Ok and now a list of my resolutions (or the ones I remember):

1) Don't sweat the small stuff.....take all of 2008's roadblocks in stride
2) Decide on and buy a wedding dress by mid-February
3) Become more active in the blogsphere
4) Be better with my corresondence whether it be via phone, email, blog (see above), or snail mail
5) now this last one may seem trite and superficial....but what the hell, Wear my hair down more often, I always pay a good amount to get my hair cut and colored, why not show it off. plus I know I'm much more confident when my hair is done, rather than just thrown up in a ponytail/bun

--alright so there it is, maybe I'll actually stick to a few of these :-) and I know that I've left out one or two, I definetly thought of a really good one while at work today.....oh well!


Alec said...

Three things...

Uno: I've ALWAYS wanted a Rhodesian Ridgeback (it's right up there with English Bull Terrier.)

Due: You and A-Town look adorable to the nth degree. I just might start calling you "Sasspants."

Tre: Numbers 3-5 of your resolutions? Well, I may as well yoink them right now. It may sound goofy, but #5 especially... I was so dopily proud of myself for wearing my hair down for much of my vaca. And it was nice to me in return!

I need to do some digging cause one of us has got to be adopted.

Eryn said...

i defnitely understand the rhodesian ridgeback but i never pictured you as the english bull dog type...when i read that i pictured the target dog and just now had to google it to make sure.

your mom already calls us, too late

yes wearing the hair down is such a pain in the ass...but so worth it in the end.

we'll have to look at fam photos and see if you're more passable as a Lewey or if I'm more passable as a Barnes....we'll soon see!

Alec said...

It could be possible that we were BOTH adopted... the spawn of a P&C (peaches and creme) Scandinavian/Irish couple whose love was condemned to secrecy by feuding families (e.g. Romeo and Juliet) and/or society. A compassionate midwife took it upon herself to research the finest of adopting families and with a tearful hug and a kiss, we were popped into separate padded FedEx boxes - one stayed in Scandinavia and the other was Idaho-bound. Our respective "parents" took us in and raised us as their own...

So... TOTALLY possible.

Eryn said...

yes very possible. AND how's this for coincidence. my mom would always "joke" that my real father was the potato farmer that lived across the street from us, his name was Johann (pronounced Yo-hawn).

but that just speaks of her possible infedelity (no worries, i've had a blood test and am O-negative just like il mio padre....what about you possible twin

what's your blood type? i'll fall on the floor if it's the same!

Alec said...

A negative. Damn. Fraternal twins is possible... though I know nothing of genetics.

Brian Kirk said...

what's alex's goal for having a suit picked out? i'm assuming he isn't renting a tux in florence :)

Eryn said...

yes, no renting of armani, gucci, or dolce & gabanna tuxes in italy.

he's going for a pin striped suit...not too formal that he'll buy here.

Lakeline Watersports said...
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Bones said...

Your hair is up.