Friday, January 4, 2008

Maybe I'm worrying for nothing

Well one of my new years resolutions only made it three days without me freaking out (literally) and breaking it. If you scroll down a bit and read the resolutions section of my previous post you'll see the Numero Uno resolution was to "Not stress the small stuff." Well yesterday I started to stress a few small things.

It all started with me diving in head first to the paperwork process that Alex and I have to complete before being legally married in Florence on April 24, 2008. The first documents needed are both the bride and groom's birth certificates (original, clean, crisp copies) with an Apostille stamp on each.

This process is very simple for Alex as he was born in the U.S. However, me the girl who insists on always having particular/peculiar situations, was born in Stavanger, Norway. After calling too many offices here in the states yesterday and waiting on hold for God knows how long with one of the numbers I was finally told that I had to request a copy of my birth certificate from the United States Embassy in Oslo, Norway. Ok fine, but when I called there this morning I was greeted by a uber zealous Norwegian woman who spoke really really fast with a thick Norwegian accent. She promised she would send me an email later in the day (which has passed by now, since it's 7pm there, ugh) detailing who I need to call about this.

One may ask why I'm stressing about this and it's because I need this document to start the entire process of paperwork, I can't do anything unless I have this first. And I'm doing detriment to myself by constantly thinking that this will take months.

I contacted our planner in Florence, Helga, lovely lady and she assured me that we still have ample time and she would check with the American Consulate there to see if I can just use my current birth certificate with authentication seal and not order an entirely new one.

I'll let you guys know.....phew.

Ok, now on to more exciting less frantic things. I have chosen a flower arrangement for the day of the wedding. It's pictured above. Only I've requested that all pink flowers, including lilacs be removed from the bouquet and replaced with yellow roses. So my end result with have both orange and yellow roses, white tulips, and whatever that yellow/orange small bud flower is that's peaking out of the holes.

So cheers to that!


Alec said...

I like this Helga lady. She sounds allllllright. She knows what's up. Trust The Helga.

The bouquet - I love it! And yeah - screw those lilacs! Who needs 'em?!! Tulip it up!

Eryn said...

yes Helga rocks the free world. Her and I were emailing back and forth TODAY (a saturday)....she's got her stuff together!

she's quick and detailed, my kinda lady!

Roland said...

One word: Vegas!