Monday, December 31, 2007

End of the Year Wedding Dress Shopping

Today my mom, dad, and I went out to run a few errands. Well really just my mom and I were running errands (dress shopping) while my dad was next door at Best Buy.

I first went to the store with an exact dress in mind that I found online. However after trying it on I realized that that dress was NOT for me. The dress I was thinking of at first is pictured above. I realized that a strapless gown was not the way to go, I know I would be pulling it up and readjusting constantly! So I decided to take the store clerk's advice and try on some more traditional wedding dresses instead of the bridesmaid dresses that I thought I would get in the first place.

Glad I listened, I found two dresses that I LOVE. they're defnitely a lot longer than I had planned before, which is ok as long as I hike them up as I walk through the dirty streets of Florence on my way to Palazzo Vecchio! I must have tried on the same two dresses at least 6 times each as I couldn't make my mind (I still haven't). And for my mom's sake I tried on a vail so she could see me with it on. I may even decide to get the vail as it looked really sweet.

Another bride that was trying on dresses did me a huge favor of taking my picture in both gowns. I'll attach those later for opinions!


Alec said...

While I was cruising through BW options, it seemed like alllll the really cute dresses were strapless! Impractical and cute.

If you were to go strapless, you could make the Fink "uncomfortable face" in photos while I hold my gypsy change can making the Rachel "Cinque Terre face." It'll be amazing.

Eryn said...

that would be amazing.....flat chested girls don't know how good they have it sometimes with their cute strapless wardrobe options!