Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Dane Cook Explosion...

...Alex was excited all day today,"Why?," you ask. Because he purchased the newest, "fantasticle" Dane Cook DVD called "Rough Around the Edges." We watched a snippet of it as soon as we got home from work and then rushed through our workout at the gym to race back and watch the rest.

Now with Dane's (I can refer to him by his first name....we're like this [imagine me twisting my middle and index finger around eachother]) last release,"Vicious Circle" it took me two viewing times to fully appreciate its grandeur....but this one was a treat that in the first go around I had tears in my eyes and my cheeks ached, ya know from smiling and laughing HARD...really hard.

I'll have to call my friend over that laughs more than I do for the second viewing...can't wait!

Go get yourself a taste of this fun-filled treat, it's only 10 bucks, c'mon...I would have paid $30, seriously!


Alec said...

EEs! It's a tag! It's official! YESSSSSS.

And I'm not the biggest DC fan as of late, but if you say the Dane train is still chugging, I'll give it a go.

Eryn said...

hahahaha yes, the double E is official!

also, I was afraid for our friend Dane, beings that he's gotten so fricken famous I was afraid that he'd lose substance and become diluted.....surprisingly that's not the case with this:-)