Monday, November 19, 2007

Farewell for probably a week..... we set off for our Holiday Journey. We are traveling to Ohio to see Alex's family and visit our friends from college! I'm excited to go back, I haven't been back to my college town since Sept. of 2006.

We bought our tickets this summer.....thank goodness since gas prices seem to be raising the price of tickets left and right. It was $400 cheaper with both tickets combined to fly from Dallas to Detroit, rather Austin to Detroit, SO we have to drive to Dallas this afternoon, spend the night at the airport hotel, and then wake up tomorrow morning REALLY early for our 8am flight!

I always usually get a little worried before trips like this, ya I forgetting anything, do we have our boarding passes, did I pack warm enough clothes etc.

Saci is staying at her grandparent's house (my parents) which she'll LOVE. Grandma feeds her wet dog food (with us she just gets dry kibble) and grandma gives in to her every demand. Even if her every demand includes wanting to go out every 10 minutes.

On another note, I've printed all the invitations and have sorted them into their respective envelopes....yay!


Roam2Rome said...

Awww, I want a one week vacation from my blog, too! Well, have a good vacation!

Eryn said...

thanks, have a good Turkey Day as well!

Alec said...

Exciting times! Invitations and everything... And my god dog's going to be so spoiled... thank Jeebus somebody's doing it since I can't open a can long-distance...

Have fun in T-Town, my lovely. Give me a call if you acquire any amazing new stories.

And you'll be seeing a new blog post from me soon... I'll try to make it as snappy as possible just per tu.