Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Lillies and an Anniversary

Sadly, amongst wedding preparations, planning for our upcoming Thanksgiving trip, and work mumbo jumbo Alex and I both let our 3 year anniversary slip by. oops! I reminded him 4 days after when I came to the realization at work. That night Alex and I had our typical date night at Salt Lick 360 (gourmet bbq). While walking to the car he insisted on driving and I realized why when I opened up my door and found yellow lillies on my seat and the Disney movie Rattaouille under my seat which I've been wanting to see so badly.

The date night was awesome and the movie was adorable....go rent it!


Roam2Rome said...


I tried to say Congrats to both of you earlier today but your blog wouldn't let us, and hopefully this isn't a duplicate.

Well, congrats!

Lillies are very elegant and graceful, and one of my favorite flowers, too :)

Eryn said...

thanks for the well wishes......and maybe something with blogger is glitchy today bc i'm having the same problem trying to make comments!

Alec said...

You two are so fricking cute. BBQ and lilies... two amazing things together at last! Kinda like you and Town (you're the BBQ, as you are delicioso). Happy belated Anniversary, dearest!

Brian Kirk said...

what did you get alex?

Eryn said...

i bought alex dinner :-)