Monday, August 6, 2007

Gelato Fantastique

Austin has definitely caught on to the growing demand for gelato. I first started recognizing gelaterias around town about 3 years ago. I've been a loyal customer of both Teo and Gelatos for a few years now. Those two gelaterias are going to have to fight for our business now ("fight to the death") as Alex and I have discovered a new place just around the corner from our apartment. Piccomolo boasts creative flavors and creamy consistency (the most important characteristic of gelato in my book). We stopped by yesterday for a break while running errands. Alex had the toffee cheesecake/chocolate chip cook dough combo while I relished in life's simple pleasures by ordering raspberry and pannacotta. The interior was playful, yet subdued and very Italian chic. The gelato freezer even had a ticker running across it. I will be back...however, Teo is still numero uno as nutella and peanut butter nutella are two of their flavors.

Also, yay for Austin being so freakin' cool. I picked up a flyer at Piccomolo that advertised Austin's 1st Annual Ice Cream Festival. Dear sweet nectar, am I excited for that one. And the best part is that admission is FREE!


Alec said...

Seriously, this post killed me. I spent about 15 minutes drooling over the various gelato cakes and flavors at those respective gelaterias. I want to go visit you guys just to hear A-Town say, "hey- let's go to Teo." I imagine it comes out like a mix of "pesca thé" and "Romeo." It looks like all those places kind of put to shame little Roba!Dolce, where we went for gelato in Prov.

But sigh... we will always have SGM. And the cleavage car. ;)

Eryn said...

oh the cleavage car, i felt like marco polo when i discovered it on the street that one night. even though you would have discovered it too moments later.

yes, austin sure is doing it right when it comes to gelato, they're popping up EVERYWHERE! for me, Teo, is the location in town and best flavors.