Wednesday, August 8, 2007

1st Deposit down...2 to go

I'm excited, today Alex wired the first of three deposits from Wellsfargo to Florence. With this deposit we'll be able to nail down a date and time. Which means...we can start scheduling flights, apartment rentals, and can send out the invitations I designed! I can't wait until we get a finite guest list so I'll know for sure who's coming. BW, get ready.....we're on our way!

Attached are images of our invites.

P.S.B.T.W. if you're trying to read the info on the invites...well some of it has already changed. I need to update the date and still work on the typography. Also, these are z-fold invites....meaning they fold up like an accordian. Each different colored panel indicates a different page.


chris & erin said...

Oh! How exciting! I LOVE the invites...did you design these?

Eryn said...

yes, i made them on a day at work where i had nothing to do :-)

Farfallina - Roam 2 Rome said...

Aww, too exciting! Congrats!!

It's taken a lot of planning, I'm sure! Your Italian must be really good in order to coordinate everything from here! Goodness knows I've had to rely on it heavily!

Eryn said...

Actually because almost everyone who has to deal with American/British travelers we've been able to communicate in English.

Although it's convenient I wish it weren't the case sometimes, my Italian would be superb if I were forced to speak it when I studied there.