Thursday, August 9, 2007

Work, Work, and more WORK!

My boss has been out of town this week. Because he's pretty much the only person in the office I have to converse with to get my work done (the rest of the Marketing team is in Dallas) I've had almost nobody to talk to regularly at work this week. SO BORING. I chime in on the regular "water cooler" talk every now and then. But damn, I feel so isolated at times. This work week has been relatively busy, which is helps me retain my sanity while battling social boredom. But now that I have three new freelance clients and tonight is also a "swim lesson" night, I have to go home and do more work. The swim lessons aren't so bad, but after getting out of the pool, showering, eating dinner, and then going back to the computer to work for another 1-2 hours SUCKS!

I'm ready for the weekend, freelance will inevitably be a part of it, but at least it won't include the 9-5 daily grind.

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