Sunday, August 5, 2007

Ankle in Distress....however, making progress with the wedding

So this past Friday, I'm on my lunch break like normal. Alex and I occassionally meet at th apartment for lunch in an effort to save money and spend more time with the pooch. After eating a plate of scrambled eggs and sausage links (we had almost zero food in the house) I was on my way down the stairs and totally bit it on the VERY LAST step of probably 55. I wasn't even wearing heels, I was in flip flops. After falling the pain was so great I couldn't hold back the I called Alex blubbering that I had really badly twisted my ankle and that he had to turn around on his way back to work. (I know, I'm a brat). I hobbled back up the stairs with an already swollen and bruised foot. Saci was esctatic to see that we had returned so soon. After icing and propping my ankle up for about ten minutes I decided that it was ok for me to go back to work and just prop it up there for the rest of the day.

It's been two days since the "accident," and it's still swollen and has even more purple bruises. YUM. Hopefully, it'll be better soon, I hate being restricted.

Even though I shouldn't have, on friday evening Alex and I went to a Round Rock Express game with my office. It's the Astro's minor league team. It was cool since we had box seats and free drinks and food. Our team lost but the firework show at the end made up for it.

Yesterday my parents wrote us a check for the wedding. It's exciting because now we can procede with signing the wedding contract and putting down our first deposit. After which we'll get an exact date and time and can start arranging plane tickets and living accomodations there. Oh, and I emailed the school we studied at in Florence (SACI) and asked if we could use the SACI garden for pictures and reception-like fun after the wedding. To our surprise they were very excited about the entire thing and even asked if they could take our picture for the school newsletter. It'll make me feel like a SACI celebrity :-)

I've recently purchased some Italian grammar and verb drill books, hopefully I can become a little more well-versed before we make the trip.

Attached to this post is a picture of the SACI garden!


chris & erin said...

sorry about your ankle...sounds like it hurts :(

I really like this photo of the garden...the sculpture is great!

Eryn said...

thanks for the sympathy....the ankle is doing better...hope to be back to 100% in a week or so.

i know, i love that sculpture too. the garden is so peaceful.

less than month 'til you guys move.....excitement! we'll have to meet up when we make the trip to florence in april.