Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Our Quest

When Alex moved to Austin in January we made a pact to try a new restaurant once a week. I've lived in Austin for almost 19 years and haven't nearly explored it as much as I could. And since Alex is a newbie here, well it's the perfect opportunity for us to discover OUR city together. Now, when fellow Austinites rave about how cool 34th Street Cafe, Moonshine, Aquarelle, Sampaio's, or Ranch 616 are we can chime in and say, "oh yeah, that place is great." Ya know, because I'm a cool kid too now!

This past Saturday Alex and I met up with my friend Sonia and her friend Riley at Ranch 616 in downtown Austin. There have
been multiple write ups about this place all over the place and we decided that we had to try it. For an appetizer we went safe and got the fried calamari, Alex wanted to try their famous frog legs but I suddenly became squeamish. Then for an entree I had pesto tilapia with fried prawns, mashed potatos, and steamed veggies. Alex had a jalapeno braized chicken breast with saffron rice. And for dessert we split their specialty......FRIED PIE! only in Texas will they fry pie. It wasn't as cholesterol ridden as it may seem, it consisted of two triangular puff pastries stuffed with peaches and served with Mexican vanilla ice cream and a strawberry! Yum. We may just have to break our very own rule with this place, each night they have 5 new specials and each night they stuff both their burgers and their fried pies with different fillings. SAY WHAT?!?!?!

Attached to this post are some pics of our eating out extravaganza. Alec, I'm wearing the wonderful shirt you gave me for my bday, I even wore it without a white tank underneath......scandalous!

p.s. I apologize for the blurriness of my said plate of food. I rushed the photo taking process...I felt eyes of judgement upon me from nearby diners.

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Alec said...

You two are so one of those couples everyone wants to be. Going out to a new restaurant every week, dancing in your living room... well- maybe not that part...

But fried pie?? I... I don't know what to think about that. On the one hand, pie is amazing on its own... on the other hand... IT'S FRIED PIE. Stop making me want to go to Austin! What with your fried pies and your stuffed meats.

And what is Mexican ice cream, pray tell? As a Northerner without a quality Mexican restaurant in sight (although El Taco is always in my mind's eye), I am in the dark about ice cream that is of a Mexican origin.

The shirt looks looovely, dearest. You rock that pesche e crema.