Thursday, July 26, 2007

Life List

Inspired by blogger Erin from the olive notes I decided to write my own top 10 things I'd like to do and/or accomplish in my lifetime. I'm sure over time some will change but for now, here goes...

10. learn how to surf (obviously not as well as the guy in the pic)

9. travel to India

8. learn a new language well enough to converse with locals

7. become a mother

6. learn how to relax and not worry as much

5. soar high up in the sky via hot air balloon

4. sail the Greek Islands

3. compete in a triathlon

2. travel to South Africa

1. live in Italy (even if it's only for a year, my heart aches to be back)

now it's your turn :-)


chris & erin said...

Our #1's match :)

Alec said...

Gooood list! You're so goal-oriented. Now I've got to post one. I've actually got one going (in a TextEdit file... how romantic), but it needs some work/whittling down. You are an inspiration.

(Btw, send your leopard print leotard to the cleaners and slap a #11 on there- we're starting a Jamiroquai cover band.)

Calabrisella said...

Mi piace la tua idea!
piacere di leggere il tuo blog



Ashley said...

I love your list! Hopefully one day you will get to live in Italy!