Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Oh Vespa...Where Art Thou?

If only it were safe and practical to drive a vespa in Austin. I would totally rock the S*#& out of a tangerine (my new dream flavor) vespa! Attached to this post are pictures of my dream...for now I will settle for the ever-practical Honda Fit. Instead I'll sport the shit out of the Electric Blue Pearl Sport version of the Fit.

Alec.....the front seat is still reserved por vu.


chris & erin said...

Love the new Vespa colors too...and we just got a Vespa retailer in St. Augustine! Strange. I said that as soon as we get back we may have to get one :)

The Fits are great - my friend has one and loves it!

Alec said...

"I get 70 miles to the gallon one this hog- room for one more..." Name that movie!

I like the tangerine... but that raspberry is spicy!

And I am very excited for the Electric Blue Pearl... which sort of sounds like a bar that would reside at the end of a dock, but that's beside the point. I'm happy for you and it's got CRAZY gas mileage so I'm proud of you, too!

Eryn said...

i know the raspberry is spicy, so is the melon. oh choices like these make my head spin......i guess it's a good thing i don't have to make any and they're all hypothetical.

oh and the movie quote is from "Dumb and Dumber"...of course. whenever my dad quotes movies it's usually from "Trains, Planes, and Automobiles" or the Tom Hanks flick "Hooch."

oh dad :-)

Alec said...

I should have taken that frosted blueberry one in Boston when I saw it. I need to learn how to lock-pick pronto.

This is why we're friends. :)

"Those aren't pillows!!"