Saturday, May 26, 2007

Anorexic dog?!?!

So I have a dog that is on a food strike...maybe she's pretending to be an Italian Greyhound:-) Every morning and afternoon when we pour her tastey lamb kibble into her fire-engine red dog bowl she gives us a face like, "what, you expect me to eat that crap?" It then sits there for the next 20 minutes and inevitably throws her off her very strict schedule of eating and then going outside to do her "business." Yes, she's like a child, a child on a schedule. If we had a dogsitter for her when we went to work I imagine we'd have a floral notepad sitting on the counter top that outlined this very important puppy schedule. We'd also have both our cell numbers, the vet's number, and an emergency contact clinging to the fridge by use of a magnet. Probably a magnet we got for free somewhere. You know us parents...kibble and dog bones cost so much these days, we can't afford fancy magnets :-)

Now that I have totally freaked out all current and future readers of this blog I will now move on.

Last night Alex and I went shopping with my mom. We went to places such as Crate & Barrel (where I of course wanted to buy EVERYTHING but was good and didn't), Best Buy (where Alex was on the verge of buying a flat screen tv), Ulta (where my mom insisted on putting blue eyeshadow on Alex...true story), and Barnes & Noble (where my mom and I bought the most fabulous Italian cookbook for only ten dollars). I of course read the introduction that outlines the history and origins of Italian cuisine. Ya know outlining the importance of fresh, local ingredients and simple recipes that truly represent the region they come from. All that jazz, I'm especially eager to making some of the soups and desserts I saw in there. Bellissimo!

...well I've got to go, I've got a dog with a complex sitting next to me and I need to coax her to her kibble and possibly convince her that she's perfect the way she is. And that it's very important for her to stay on more of this puppy anorexia crap!

The attached picture was posted to point out how she's really gone too far with all this not eating mumbo jumbo. I mean look how that shirt just hangs off her skin and bones. Enough is enough :-)


Alec said...

Oh my goodness, am I going to have to come down to Austin and spoon-feed my god-daughter back to her ideal weight so as to avoid all other potentially embarassing photographs of her in ill-fitting clothes?

I have a delightful lamb and rice kibble on the menu this evening.

Eryn said...

omg she's the biggest brat...this morning and this evening i had to hold the dog bowl right in front of her face in order for her to eat it. she thinks she's got it made.......and i'm the idiot who falls for her tricks.