Sunday, May 27, 2007

Speed Painter

Yesterday I finally made myself sit and paint. I have had two neglected canvases for almost the past month and now one of them has paint on it. Well, a lot of paint actually...I ran out of liquin the thinning medium I use to make my oils last longer. So there was a lot of paint used on the particular one.

I sat down on the back porch (was too lazy to go to my parent's house to get my easel) and painted for two hours. And somehow managed to finish the first of the two. I was going for an abstract flower, Georgeia O'Keefe looking composition and think I did well to achieve it. I find that in my art I can't wait to finish a project and therefore, end up rushing through it, even if it doesn't fit my original idea....something I need to work on I guess. But for now, I'm happy with the end product.

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