Saturday, December 1, 2007

So much more to be thankful for...

For almost the past month now I've been a wee bit preoccupied with worrisome thoughts concerning il mio padre. To make a long story short my dad noticed some discomfort on the right side of his neck (the thyroid area) but being the private man that he is didn't make ANY deal about it and waited until a mass (about 3 inches long) grew in his right thyroid. Finally realizing that this wasn't normal and after my cousin was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma he was prompted to go to the doctors and get it looked at.

We were all told about three weeks ago or so and have been so nervous that it could be thyroid cancer since. This past Thursday my dad had the "goiter" removed and we were reassured that it isn't thyroid cancer but Hashimoto's Disease, from what I've read it's nothing to be too alarmed about and the goiter that formed in his neck is a result of not listening to the prior symptoms of slight weight gain, being tired for no reason, and puffiness of the skin.

He's home now and we're hoping for a speedy recovery, although we're talking about an incredibly stubborn man that sometimes chooses not to listen to the doctor's simplest recommendations.....argh!

In the end, I'm so relieved and so thankful that cancer is no longer a threat! As for my cousin, he's 25 and is currently undergoing chemo therapy.....we're confident that he's going to kick cancer's ass!


Alec said...

I'm glad your padre's ok. I'm looking forward to meeting the whole Lewey clan - and they better be at their best and brightest!

My best to your dad and cousin. If your cousin's anything at all like you, I'm sure he'll punch cancer in the nads and take its lunch money.

erin said...

I'm so glad that it already getting better for your dad...and we'll all be rooting for your cousin!!