Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Rachel Ray book signing

More than a month ago I was in Sur la Table (one of my new fav stores) probably buying overpriced, brightly colored cooking utensils that I didn't need and noticed Rachel Ray was coming December 9th for her book signing. I blew it off and thought,"maybe later."

My mom called me a few weeks later letting me know that she bought me Rachel Ray's new cookbook and a ticket so I could get it signed that day. Yay....excitement persisted as I've enjoyed RR* ever since she hit the food scene.

I'm a Food Network junkie. Giada de Laurentiis from Everyday Italian is my fav though.

So this past Sunday Alex and I ventured to The Domain 3 HOURS before the signing began and found an already overwhelming line awaiting us. There were no less than 200 people in front of us. And most of them with 3 or more books (with one ticket you're allowed to get up to 5 published works of Rachel's signed) waiting to be signed.

We failed to bring folding chairs or even reading material to keep ourselves busy. I did however remember an umbrella to shield either sun or rain......it was relatively cloudy the entire time and not a drop of rain. Oh well, at least I was prepared in that department. What we were not prepared for was the cold front that blew in in 10 seconds, taking the curent temp of 80 degrees to a chilly 45-50 degrees (depending on sunshine). We had two hours of waiting left at this point and were completely miserable up until it was our turn to enter the store and snake around the merchandise until we came to the signing table.

Rachel had a huge list of rules that we had to follow (who knew she was a diva):

1. no more than 5 books per ticket (no signing whatsoever of memorbilia)
2. no camera phones......hmmm maybe she has a secret phobia
3. no flash on regular cameras
4. no posed pictures
5. and finally no taking pictures of her when you're standing in front of her

phew....whatever. Attached are a few pics from our long, cold wait and a few blurry (bc of no flash) or Rachel herself.

*Once it was our turn we were so tired and uncomfortable that we didn't have enough strength to come up with witty small talk with her. Just said stuff like, "So nice to meet you" and "Thank you!".....blah blah blah.

It was really neat to see her though, Alex thought she was much hotter in person...of course :-)

in my book she wrote:

"Eryn, YUM-O :-)

Rachel Ray"


erin said...

Giada de Laurentiis is by far my favorite! Not a huge fan of Rachel Ray, but I did get a couple good tips from her (b/c I like to cook fast), like always having the "trash bowl" handy where you're working!

Eryn said...

hahaha oh the "trash bowl." one thing that drives me nutz about rachel ray is how she insists on carrying all her ingredients to her cooking station AT ONCE. so it's like a circus balancing act!

Alec said...

Oh man - she IS a little diva. What is that? No pics standing in front of her? I can understand the no flash thing to a degree, but looking at your stealth photos... it sort of makes me sad.