Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas at our Apartment

It's the holidays and besides summer this is my absolute favorite time of year. I love all the holiday parties, decorating, baking, and of course gift giving!

Attached is a picture of our "Christmas nook" this year. It's Alex's and my first Christmas together. In years past we always had to mail eachother gifts because of the handful of states that used to be between us during this time. It's just so nice to not have to do that long distance thing was a bear to get past that!

My mom gave me some of her gargantuan antique ornament collection for our tree. I love the antique glass classic:-) The oldest ornament I have is pink and is from the 1800s...we were extra careful with that one!

Saci is the best and leaves it all alone, because she's the best behaved dog EVER.

Last night we took her to a coworker's apartment where we had an amazing meal and we introduced her to their Welsch Corgi puppy. For the 1st 20 minutes she was the biggest wuss and ran away from the puppy that was sooo much smaller than her. But after awhile she began to play with it, after realizing that she could use her size and speed to her advantage. They both fell asleep right after we left, having played for 2 and a half hours!

Yesterday I met Rachel Ray.....I have pics. so details and photos will follow!


erin said...

lovely Christmas nook...the tree is really beautiful! I'd love to see those ornaments up close.

Eryn said...

thanks erin, i'll try to get some up close pics of the ornaments!

Alec said...

I have such a good little goddog. Maybe if she's extra good, she'll find a little something under the tree for her. ;)

One day, you and I are going to spend a whole freaking day baking. We will rock it. Firenze style.

Roam2Rome said...

I love your (very festive) place!! Youthful and modern... a lovely Christmas tree with Pisa in the background ;)

...and your puppy looks soo cozy! I want another cup of hot coca and to cuddle up like that and just reaaaad :)

Eryn said...

alec: yes she's the best! she's also going to be 2 on the 18th....but don't worry, you can combine her bday and xmas gifts! and yes we would rock an ALL DAY bake day:-)

r2r: thanks for the decorating kudos! and yes she gets pretty cozy sometimes....she loves to cuddle!