Saturday, September 15, 2007

Yup this is about normal...

Ever since I returned from Florence in December 2004 I have longed to go back. It's one of the things in my life that I'm most passionate for and know for sure what my heart is telling me. And because of this longing I dream about Florence constantly.

Sometimes the dreams are so-so, but sometimes they're FANTASTIC, and I actually feel as if I'm frolicking on the cobblestones while eating gelato and skipping my way to SACI (the best art school EVER). And every time I have these dreams....I say to myself, "Oh my goodness I can't believe I'm actually back here." Because I KNOW that's what I'll be saying to myself when I'm actually there. I've been wanting to go back for so long now and the fact that I haven't makes it feel like a lofty goal very hard to achieve......although it's not. Just 6 1/2 more months.....I can taste it!

The second picture is the outside of SACI (Studio Art Centers International). It resides in Palazzo dei Cartelloni!


Alec said...

Oh, PL, I hear ya on the SACI dreams. I just wish I could remember more of mine! They always slip away as my alarm kills my slumberous joy.

And that picture couldn't have been taken from any place other than the sidewalk in front of the celebrated Cheeseman... i.e., the man we really should see this time around.

chris & erin said...

hey! I can just taste your anticipation :) We finally just got DSL today :) Yay! So now I can comment again - but thanks for all the encouraging comments during our transition...Firenze has been wonderful so far. Not much longer until you are back