Sunday, September 30, 2007

Pumpkin pickin' Texas

It's October right? oh more day. Well we're ready for it after our journey 1.5 hours outside of Austin to go to Sweet Berry Farm where my dad was in heaven rummaging through the mountains of pumpkins and fall gords. I was kept busy by the little itty bitty pumpkins that weighed less than a pound while my brother and dad insisted on getting 24 lb pumpkins.

It was a cute place with homemade jams, corn mazes, and pumpkin painting contests.

The wedding planning is coming along although I can't help feel lazy about it. I still need to print the invites and send them all out as well as buy a dress, buy Alex's wedding band, and of course arrange our living accommodations and plane tickets. We ALMOST bought tickets last week for approx. $1100 each roundtrip from Houston to Florence but then were haulted by my bro's girlfriend who's travel agent said it would be cheaper if we waited 'til January. This makes me nervous because I feel like we're now waiting too long and prices will become inflated.......any advice?

p.s. the picture of the hand painted like an elephant was from an email I just received from my aunt.....the artist is pretty incredible, he does it all himself!


chris & erin said...

What a fun "welcome-to-autumn" day!

I'll definitely say hi to the horse doorknobs! I know exactly which ones you're talking about :)

Eryn said...

grazie! :-)

Alec said...

January? Oh man. She's making me nervous... a good compromise would be to buy the tickets now, as long as they were refundable. That way if the price drops, the airline can refund you the difference.

But you may want to ask her about that. Cause I use NY Times as my travel agent. It's very... cheap.

Eryn said...

ok atown barnes, i'm calling you... funny you commented about that today....january makes me hella nervous and atown and i have just decided to buy ours and my parent's this weekend. if she wants to look for deals.....she can.

ny times, wtf, how does that work????? see we're looking at air france, from houston to paris to florence. and only an hour layover in paris. we want the convenience of major cities and short layovers, possibly making things more expensive, just think of it as also paying for piece of mind!