Saturday, June 9, 2007

An almost no work friday...

Oh how my job is fabulous at times. Yesterday morning I meandered around the apartment and worked from home because I needed some creative time to brainstorm our next project. I did get some swell ideas :-) (Does anyone say swell anymore? I probably picked it up from all the episodes of Brady Bunch I watched as a kid) Then I get to work at 11 am the internet has gone out for half an hour and everyone decides to leave.......Awwww lovely. I did work from home.........stop worrying that my life is so much better than yours. And then cleaned the apt and cooked amazing zucchini soup from my new Italian cookbook.

A quick workout and long dip in our pool was followed by i meie genitori e il mio fratello and his girlfriend. tee hee, i'm trying to work on my italian vocab. we watched three episodes of The Office (best show ever) and said goodnight.

Un Buon Venerdi

if i've made any grammatical errors in my poor Italian......please correct me!


somepinkflowers said...

you are 20-something
and watched brady bunch as a kid?

the reruns are older than you.
i love it!


Eryn said...

i's a show that transcends time. I love that I was also addicted to the same show my mom was when she was growing up.

thanks to Nick at Nite!