Friday, June 20, 2008

Things I'm currently Loving...

I go through phases, as I'm sure everyone does. Some weeks I start eating abnormal amounts of a certain food, and I'll say, "Man I've been on a banana/milk kick lately." I only mentally document the "food kicks" that are healthy....because let's face it I'm always on a chocolate kick. Anyway, as of late I've been participating in some new summer habits that I've really been enjoying:

1) Blogging more regularly, some months I'll fall into blog slumps and ask myself, "What really do I have to put out there that's actually interesting?" I guess I've just become a little more creative with post ideas or I just don't care if they're interesting or not. Blogging makes me feel accomplished and hopefully I can keep this trend going :-)

2) Listening to new music, i.e. the newest Coldplay album, "Viva la Vida." I'd been waiting for it to come out, rather patiently because I'm not the hugest of CP fans. But now that it has I'm really digging it. At first listen I was a little disappointed, I deemed it to be "too much of the same." But while listening to it all a second time through yesterday while working I became more impressed. It's very easy to fall into a relaxed meditative state while listening and zone out......I'm great at zoning out!

3) Watching my new found favorite sitcom, "Arrested Development." Alex and I had been hearing about how great it was for months. He bought all three seasons before we left for Italy and we started watching while in Naples and into our few days in Rome. It's funny, the show reminds me of Italy now because that's where we started watching it. Although I've just now started falling in love with it and I can't seem to get enough. We watch one episode a night and laugh uncontrollably at our fav characters. Alex prefers "Tobias" while I love "Gob" and "Buster."

4) Celebrating with California couples that it is now legal for same sex couples to get married and receive proper documentation there. The fact that this hasn't happened sooner and in every 50 state is mind boggling. When uber, ignorant Conservatives start rambling about how this "threatens the sanctity of marriage between man and woman" I want to hurl. Why can't people just shut up and let others be happy?......I mean seriously people.....back off!

5) Gardening, or watching Alex garden rather. He recently went to the local nursery and bought some great new plants that now adorn our outside patio. We'd had some from the previous year but some had died and others were a bit pathetic looking. Now when I look up at our patio from below it looks like a lush, green oasis.

6) Cooking meals that last for days and days in my Le Creuset Dutch Oven. Alex had given me my bright orange Dutch oven for Christmas this year and I've just started cooking regularly in it. It's so practical and such a great tool to have. It heats so evenly and holds so much....if you're into cooking large meals on a regular basis I highly recommend it!

7) Watching "So You Think You Can Dance," it's no secret that I enjoy watching pretty much every dance show that is on TV at any given time. You can always count on me to know the latest scoop from "Dancing with the Stars," "America's Best Dance Crew," or "SYTYCD." I get so hyped for it to come on every wednesday we usually have friends over that night to watch it with us which makes it extra fun. I have a lot of favorite dancers this season and can't wait to watch who wins. I'm very guilty of getting goose bumps at least once every show.

8) Casually swimming and calling it a "work out." Every year when the weather is warm enough to have heated the apartment pool through.....usually by mid-May, I suit up and dive in. It's a great release especially after a full day of being stuck in the office. I swear I was born with gills, ever since I was a little girl you can't keep me away from the water. When we were in Positano all I wanted to do was swim, swim and swim in the clear water. It's a given that I'll make a trip down to the pool at least three times a week and swim, tread, float, and twirl around. It's so perfect :-)

9) Sleeping later than normal. I guess it started when I was sick for 10 days two weeks ago. I fell into a habit of just relaxing and sleeping. It's really hard for me to just relax still....but now I'm not as hard on myself as before for not cleaning up the apartment or getting stuff done. It's so nice to just sleep and do nothing. zzzzzzzz

10) Talking to family more often. It clicked the other day that my family and friends are so important to me and I'm not going to have them all around forever. So I've made it a habit to call the ones I love more just let them know that, "Hey, I'm thinking about you!" It's so important to realize what you have when you have it and make the most of it!

Happy Weekend All.....hope you all fall into habits of doing things that you truly enjoy!


erin :: the olive notes said...

I love the intro paragraph to this post :) You have some good new summer 'happy-habits'!

Alec said...

1.) Agreed. I love your blogging. Bring it on. You know I'll spam the heck out of you. (Evidence below.)

2.) I'll have to get off my indie high horse and give Coldplay another shot. This super scene saddle is starting to hurt a bit, anyway...

3.) I think you know how I feel about AD. "We never signed you up for organized sports cause you're like a f*%$@ turd out there..."

4.) People who use that "sanctity of marriage" argument should spend more time venting about "The Bachelor's" approach to marriage and less about people who want to get married because they - oh, I don't know - LOVE EACH OTHER.

5.) You two are adorable. Post pics.

6.) I'm jealous. I think you may have succeeded in inspiring me to snag a similar product in Caribbean blue. Mmmm exotic.

7.) If it weren't for that obnoxious English lady, I'm sure I'd watch that with some consistency... I love the dancing, just not everything in between. Maybe I'll write a letter. I'm sure Rupert Murdoch would listen.

8.) I envy your swimming abilities. I'd ask for swimming lessons, but that "no floaties" rule of yours is such a bummer. But a sign we were meant to be - I love to watch swimming. When the Olympics arrive, I hope we can talk Michael Phelps and flying Australians.

9.) YES. Just YES.

10.) I got a fortune cookie yesterday that said (and I quote), "A phone call to a good friend will ease your mind and lift your spirits." Coincidence?

Eryn said...

erin: aww thanks...hopefully i can keep the good vibes goin'

alec: you are my one and only. this = the best blog comment ever :-) so thorough!

1. yesssssss. and ditto.

2. i've heard stories about the super scene saddle.....that it chafes and such :-(

3.yeah that sheep pic still KILLS so won in making me explode at work!

4. amen twin.

5. ok.....i will. promise.

6. oooo yes. you'll love it i promise. my mom got me some casserole dishes from le creuset in the caribbean blue as well.

7.actually she's from will remind you of that every time you mention her. so please say, "oh, i guess that makes sense since only obnoxious people come from ohio"

8.i would soooo teach you adult swimming lessons. you and town together!

9. mmmmm sleep. there's just something so amazing about a cold, clean pillow in the morning bueno!

10. crazy coincidence twin......craaazzzzyyyy!!!!!

Alec said...

I hope the irony of point #1 doesn't escape you...

Blog, I say! Blog!