Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Almost time...

These last few days have been filled with planning, packing, jumping up and down with excitement, and even more planning. I've been slacking with the blog because, well....my mind is elsewhere. It's somewhere in Florence skipping down the narrow streets and stuffing my face full of fresh gelati, panini, and of course great vino!

We picked up some great luggage from Marshalls over the weekend and I've since started checking the essentials off my impossibly long "check list." Things I'm trying not to concentrate on our the two flights over there as I just hope there are no delays or roadblocks that I can't control.

Wouldn't it be perfect if we had our own private jet?!?!

I've decided to pack a diary for the trip so I can record all details there without worrying about posting at random internet cafes. Once we get back I'll publish the diary via il blog :-) and will definitely put up all pics on a snapfish or flckr site.

There may be one more post before we head out.....but I can't make any promises!

A Presto!


Alec said...

EEEEEEEE!!!! FLOTOWNFLOTOWNFLOTOWN! A-Towns in Flotown once more!! The next time I see you, we'll be on the Ponte freaking Vecchio!!

Eryn said...

i know i know i know!