Saturday, December 22, 2007

Oh Holiday time... i love thee! This has been a very busy month. So many little holiday get togethers and outings, so many of the things I love. This month is my excuse to eat a few more cookies a day and a few more glasses of wine every now and then.

Last weekend Alex and I went to his company's Holiday Party at the Crowne Plaza Hotel here in Austin. My company party was the week before in Longview, Texas (5 hours north) thanks!

The party was nice. You could tell a lot of thought was put into making it a special night. The buffet food was fine...nothing too fantastic and I was able to meet a handful of people that Alex interacts with on a daily basis...always nice to put a face to a name. The real fun of the evening started with the casino section that was set up. Guests were able to play Texas Hold 'Em (poker), craps, roullette, and BlackJack (my game of choice). The both of us spent the entire night at just one of the BlackJack tables. I normally have pretty good luck but it was in full swing this night. I started with $10,000 in chips and ended with over $300,000. I made our dealer go bankrupt and had to trade out lots of smaller chips for the big daddy yellow chips ($50,000 each). Too bad it wasn't real money, although that would never happen with real money since the idea of gambling with the money I work so hard for SCARES THE CRAP OUT OF ME! Everybody kept mentioning to Alex that, "he should take me to Vegas!" Um, no thanks. If we do ever go there (which definitely isn't on the top of my "to do" list) I would probably only hit up the nickel slots for 5.8 minutes and then hit a Cirque de Sole show!

Anyway, the reason I kept winning so much dough was bc Alex wanted to go home so he kept on convincing me to just "bet it all" on a single hand.....each time I did I would get a BlackJack, no joke! It was definitely exciting. We did leave after I bet it all one last time and lost......oh well, wasn't my money! Then later we found out that Alex's name was drawn for the grandprize of the night......a 20'' flatscreen, too bad we left 15 minutes before the drawing. *puts palm to forehead and utters "doh!"

The EXACT same thing happened to me at a highschool event...only it wasn't a flatscreen but a computer. I have great luck with those types of things....just bad luck in that I'm usually not there to collect the prize! SOOOO FRUSTRATING. but oh well, we already have a flatscreen and you can't miss what you never had!

Yesterda was my last day of work before Christmas "break." I was a little bitter and bummed out that our company didn't give us Christmas Eve off.....bah humbug (seriously!!!) so I had to use one of my personal days instead! I did receive a $100 gift certificate to Williams-Sonoma though and was taken out to Manuel's Spanish restaurant with the rest of my coworkers so I guess I won't complain TOO much :-)

Today we're going to go iceskating on top of the Wholefoods downtown and then walk the Trail of Lights, a very "Austin" tradition!

EEEEEE.....I heart the Holidays!


Alec said...

Yeah - definitely skip the whole gambling thing. For a senior trip at Wheaton, they took us to a casino in Connecticut - it was really... depressing. Old ladies with nicotine-stained fingers banging on slot machines and lonely middle-aged people with bad hair throwing dice... not good times. Definitely no Ocean's 11 thing happening there.

The Trail of Lights looks pretty awesome - stop making Austin sound so cool! You kids and your crazy flagship Who-Fo... skating on a roof! Where I come from, we skate on bumpy ponds with squishy spots and branches in the ice and we damn well like it.

erin said...

That's EXACTLY what I did in Vegas...about 5 minutes at the nickel slots and then a Cirque show :) How frustrating about the TV! but didnt' you just get a flat screen not too long ago? (although not free I'm sure :) ) Ice skating sounds fun! Maybe we'll go to the rink here in Piazza della Liberta'. Buon Natale!

Eryn said...

atown: yeah the whole burnt out atlantic city, vegas thing sounds so.......actually you said it best, depressing!

i know, we have fancy ice skating here in austin

p.s. alex JUST did the humpy dance for me (we're watching vh1's best songs of the 90's)

erin: that's funny about your experiences in vegas.....cirque de sole sounds very fun. i went to a Blue Man Group show in chicago, that was awesome as well.

definitely go ice skating in piazza della liberta'.....if i had known they had that in firenze when we were there in december i so would have hit that up!

btw: where is piazza della liberta'??