Saturday, October 13, 2007

I can feel fall!

Ok, I know I live in Austin, TX and our highs lately have been in the high 80's....but I can still feel fall. Especially this morning when I took Saci out to do her morning business. The air was crisp, the sun made the sky the perfect shade of crystal blue, and a light breeze moved over me that made me happy. The low 60s in the morning feel great and I can't help but wish that they were the highs of the day.

Today, Alex, my mom and I are volunteering downtown at the Lance Armstrong Cure for Cancer Event. There's a big bike ride for the event and we'll be helping the riders register and collect all that they'll need for the next day (power bars, water bottles, yellow liveSTRONG bracelets, and such). I did it last year and hearing the inspirational, yet heartbreaking stories of the riders brought me to tears. It's especially touching when you see the children affected by the horrible disease...but this event is about the positive and about finding a cure and being strong along the way, it's a special event!

Saci is being demanding at present and looking at me with eyes that say, "why are you typing and not petting me?!?"

I have to go pet my dog!


sognatrice said...

What a coincidence...I'm getting those eyes too (from 2 doggies no less) ;)

Eryn said...

haha it must be a triplets thing :-)

we call her an attention an endearing way, i promise!

Alec said...

You're such a good little doobie. Good times.

If you want a real (crazy) fall, you need to come up here pronto. Last Friday, I was sweating (balls!) waiting for the T. Yesterday--freaking freezing. When I'm chilly, I just need to remember to think of tu!

Roam2Rome said...

There's something quite special about fall's light breeze, cuddly evenings with hot cocoa, and colorful leaves... love it :)

What an emotional event! Che bello...