Saturday, August 18, 2007

It's the Weekend...I need it soooo bad.

After my hellish week I'm so thankful that the weekend is HERE! Maybe it was a blessing that my file loss happened on Monday at the beginning of the week so I could use the entire week to "kind of" repair the damage. I took my Macbook to a place near my apartment that specializes in Mac Data Recovery called Heroic Effforts......I know right. I need them to be my hero. I picked up my laptop on Thursday after they recovered 31 gigs of data. Pretty much everything I've ever dragged to the trash from my comp. The bad news is that all the files lost their names and now I have folders upon folders with ambiguous names that I now have to sort. Not everything I lost is there, which sucks and a lot of it is damaged. However, I still have stuff I may need. I don't feel as completely lost anymore.

Ok, enough about the bad, more about the good.....right. We must think positively!!! I did get news from my boss yesterday after work that my raise has been approved. For some reason he didn't know for how much it would be, I just know the paycheck will be larger. HORRAY! hmmmm, what else. There are Brownies in the kitchen. I've been pretty much the sole consumer of them for the past few days. Alex better get his act together! And last night we saw a fantastic flick...SUPER BAD! It was produced by the same makers of KNOCKED UP. Which I was also in love with. The movie was just what I needed. It pretty much made me laugh nonstop! Go see it, if you can!

Alec, we'll dish later about how great it really was, I fear I may be forgetting hilarious events due to hysteria while exploding.....loudly!


Alec said...

I'm glad things sort of worked out with the whole computer situation. When I told my rents about your mishap, they both just looked heartbroken. It was sort of cute. I feel like they did the same thing with their taxes last year, so they were empathetic.

I wash and dry! I'm like a single mother. Look- we all know Home Ec. is a joke- no offense- it's just like everyone takes this fucking class to get an A- I'm sorry- I'm not putting down your profession but it's just the way I feel, but I don't want to sit here all by fucking myself- no offense- and I just think I don't ever need to cook tiramisu. When am I going to need to cook tiramisu? Am I going to be a chef? No. There's three weeks left in school, just give me a fucking break- I'm sorry for cursing.

Farfallina - Roam 2 Rome said...

Hey, that's good news!

That's a big plus! Even if you have to sort through the files.

You have files saved and a raise! Good stuff...

Eryn said...

alec: i looovveed that part in the movie, esp. the muffled,"give me a fucking break." at the end. priceless

farfallina: i know, very good news. it's going to be a pain but at least they recovered something